The marriage and relationship department is set up to help couples improve their union as the two become one. To help prepare the minds of single young men and women who are looking for partners.

In this era of misinformation about marriages especially in the church, we need to teach believers what marriage means to YHWH, and how to bask in the fullness of a blessed union.

We need to enlighten people about the signs of a failed marriage, and impending disaster. YHWH hates divorce is what the Bible teaches but it doesn’t teach that divorce is as bad a being in an unhappy union, which is what YHWH actually hates.

Single believers need to understand the demands and merits of marriage, they also need to understand that marriage is not for everybody, the narrative of every believer being married for the purpose of reproduction is a false narrative that has been peddled in the church for too long.

We are teaching believers the difference between being married in the sight of YHWH and having a religious marriage mistaken for the true union.



Set Your Priorities Right (Marriage in-view)

In life, everyone has what they value. These values set our priorities. These values are often fuelled by either the society, family, religion, neighborhood, friends, education, workplace and so on. So at the end of the day, we choose

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The Importance Of Honoring Your Parents

In the years gone by, when our parents were young, honouring elders was a norm; many of our parents will testify to that. When I was a teenager, honoring parents was a priority- not to our parents alone but

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Marriage Vows

Vows/oaths or swearing-in are done daily at organizations, political appointments, courtrooms, schools and during marriage ceremonies. But are people committed to the vows made? Our lack of integrity and love has made us unfaithful, unloving and underdeveloped while under

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