This department is directed towards teenagers to provide them with a sound scriptural foundation to build on as they grow in their walk with Yahushua.

The lessons are designed to be a catalyst that will inspire teenagers to produce a weekly program/teaching that will effectively and dynamically minister to their spiritual needs and in their practical daily lives.



How To Be A Consistent Christian As A Teenager

We live in a society filled with different distractions and temptations. Which makes us loose focushereby affecting our consistency in the Christian faith. As a teenager, your desire to be accepted anywhere anytime is almost inevitable because you are


Honor Your Parents – Part 2 (Ungodly Parents)

Ungodly Parents (Cols3:21 NLT – Fathers and mothers, do not aggravate your children, or they will become discouraged- emphasis mine). What if my parents want me to do the wrong thing, is it right to honor them still? (Teens

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The Importance Of Honoring Your Parents

In the years gone by, when our parents were young, honouring elders was a norm; many of our parents will testify to that. When I was a teenager, honoring parents was a priority- not to our parents alone but

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