We were in in boats on a river that was a toilet and a source of water at the very same time…..☹ – The only hospital there badly needs malaria medicine, refurbishment, mosquito nets, a source of power (generator or solar) and more…. – The scriptures are clear when they inform us in Matthew 25:31-41 that when we help the least of our brethren, we are helping Christ and securing a place in heaven, while the neglect of this will earn us eternal damnation in HELL FIRE????????(Matt 25:41) – Christ NEVER collected tithes and neither did the disciples, but he told us to always care for the poor, even the message “it’s better to give than to receive” was about giving to the poor, not to pastors. – Remember, when you give to the poor you lend to God. – We could see raw human fecal waste everywhere, no drainage, no proper toilets… – Watch the heart wrenching video of @poshmama.yinkus77, @daddyfreeze and I as we visit the slums of makoko, we all fought back tears, we were deeply traumatized.

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